Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast-approaching many people are experiencing varying degrees of stress trying to get last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. The last place a person may think to get gifts is a vitamin store, but we actually have a pretty neat selection of gifts! Here are some items that you may not have thought of:

1)   Humio Humidifier (these are moving quick)!

These cool mist humidifiers are quiet, and they look like much less of an eyesore in comparison to some of the old, loud, clunky machines that people are used to. This humidifier also has a compartment for essential oils so it can scent your room, and a night light that changes colors (or can be turned off completely). Some of the “technical details”: the Humio humidifier covers 100square feet, and requires distilled water, or tap water. NO WELL WATER, as that will void the one-year warranty that comes with the unit. There is a note on the top of all humidifiers in regards to the warranty, and if you can, remind the recipient to read that note as the details of the warranty are important.

*We do also carry the essential oils you can use to put in the dispenser in the humidifier. Favourites are: orange, tangerine, grapefruit, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, lavender, and vanilla. 

2)   Salt Lamp

We have carried salt lamps at the store for a number of years, and they are always a huge hit. The reason many people by these lamps is based on the principle that salt is composed of negative ions, and when it is heated, these negative ions will bind to positive ions that are in our environment from things such as electromagnetic frequency’s. These lamps are gorgeous, and emit a subtle pink/orange light.

3)   Amethyst Lamp

My personal favourite are the amethyst lamps. Amethyst is considered a healing stone, and has historically been used to promote good sleep, wisdom and to promote intuition. Its name in Greek translates to “without drunkenness” so it is said to promote sobriety; but that can also be interpreted as a “clear mind” or "clear thinking". These lamps are expensive, so would best be appreciated by someone with a passion for gem and crystal healing. 

4)   Evelyn Iona SheRose set

This set retails at $35.99 and $5.00 is donated to the Y.W.C.A., as part of the SheRose campaign to protect women against violence. This is a gift to sure to be a hit for New Year’s Eve celebrations, as that is the perfect time to bust out red lipstick. The lipstick is chemical free, and made with organic ingredients.

As quoted directly from Evelyn Iona:

 “The ladies at YWCA Canada headquarters named this set! It means:

SHE-ROSE -SHE ROSE from a difficult situation and became a success in whatever success is to her. 

SHEROSE - This is the ROSE Campaign after all! visit

SHEROSE - As in HEROS, The women that rise above violence are our HEROS.”

We also carry many other items from Evelyn Iona such as concealer, mascara, bronzer, an awesome primer and lip glosses. 


5)   Earth Elements candles

These handmade organic, non-GMO soy candles are scented with essential oils and burn 30%-50% longer than traditional candles. We have beautiful scents like: cinnamon, pumpkin spice, wild raspberry, fresh berries, and cranberry. I’m not exaggerating when I say some of them smell AMAZING. It has been a struggle to not buy one of each  (I’m saving them for you guys!!)

Hopefully this helps with some more gift ideas. There are a few things other than the items that are listed above, so it doesn't hurt to pop by and check out the store for any health conscious individuals you have to shop for:) Have an awesome Christmas everyone!