Navigating Your Health Food Store For New Years Weight Loss Resolutions:

Navigating Your Health Food Store For New Years Weight Loss Resolutions:

1) Identify Your Priorities

It's easy at New Year's to create a long list of things that you are going to improve. Many people scoff at the idea of New Years resolutions because they seem so unattainable but if you start with a practical, obtainable goal it's more achievable than you think.

For example: if you struggle to eat enough in a day to keep your energy levels sustained and blood sugars stable consider making your first weeks goal to pack snacks with you. I like to keep things like apples and pears with me, as well as nuts and raisins for when I am on the go. I have a few protein bars handy as well that go in my car for days I'm running late and don't get breakfast in.

If you are one of those people who struggles to drink enough water, or who consumes a lot of coffee consider making your second weeks goal to drink more water by carrying a water bottle with you .

*If you have time look into the EcoVessel water bottle found at Grove Health, you won't regret it. 

2) Skip the heavily marketed products

They are everywhere, and if you've seen the product pop up on every advertisement on Facebook, on TV, on the radio, or in your email inbox to some shady website this product is likely low on the credibility scale.

3) Do not buy a product unless you're ready to commit to three months worth. 

Simply put, most products aren't intended to work overnight.On average, weight loss products report 2-4 pounds lost per month...not the 5-20 people seem to believe. 

Here are some products that are much better than buying a "fat-burning" miracle pill like they all claim to be:

Please, not to replace every meal with! But how many of you skip breakfast or lunch, never snack, or have night-time cravings? That is bad behaviour if you are looking to develop positive eating habits and possibly lose weight. For breakfast you can mix a full serving with milk or water and berries, or for a snack you could mix up a half serving with water or milk. It is so incredibly important to keep your blood sugars stable with high-fiber, high protein options. 

Admittedly, meal replacement powders aren't always the greatest tasting, especially a high quality powder free of artificial sweeteners. If that is something you can't get down, you can use a high-powered blender to experiment with other ingredients (there is no shortage of smoothie recipes online!).

  • Blood sugar formula

Most companies are catching on now and marketing their blood sugar formulas for weight loss. But it comes down to this: if your blood sugars are stable you have higher energy levels, you prevent diabetes, and you keep your triglycerides (stored fat) low. Of course this is in combination with a balanced diet! If you need assistance with that, I'll refer you to Hilary with  at 360 Wellness ((780) 962-4646):) 

  • A Cleanse

I'm not saying that if you do a cleanse you are going to lose a ton of weight, or make claims that it will "reset" your body. But there are a few important aspects of a cleanse that shouldn't be overlooked. First, any productive cleanse is going to involve dietary restrictions, which in itself will support weight loss. Second of all, many people DO lose weight (water weight) while on a cleanse, but that alone is enough to encourage a person to keep up with the dietary restrictions after the cleanse is complete. Third, the herbs in the cleanse can help an individual have a more clear complexion, better energy levels, less bloating, and even improved sleep; all things that help to keep a person motivated on their journey. Finally, we can't discard the psychological mind-game: you paid for a cleanse, you are most likely going to commit to it. 

*Do not do a cleanse if you are on any prescription medications, as the herbs may cause your medications to be metabolized too quickly, thus rendering them ineffective. Additionally, herbs are not tested for contraindications with medications. 

PS: My personal favourite cleanse is Botanica's restorative cleanse:)

4) Get on the basics

Your body needs fundamental nutrients to function optimally. If you want healthy energy levels and have been depriving your body of nutrients through processed foods, skipping meals, and binge eating junk then you need to build some of that back up. Another way to support your body, is through supplements that help with exercise recovery to capitalize on your time in the gym. 

Chat with the health food store employee to identify your basics. There is no need to do more than three supplements at a time, to keep compliant, and to keep your new program cost effective. Basics can be a combination of: greens powder or a multivitamin, Vitamin D, a probiotic, a fish oil, a B-complex, or magnesium. Remember, your three supplements are static; as you notice improvements your priorities are going to shift, and consequently, so will your supplements. 

Weight management is a lifetime goal, and it is important to create goals that are attainable and make sense to your overall health. I'm sorry to say but there are no quick fixes; eat well and exercise, choose supplements that support your daily goals and keep at it!

Written by Chelsea Hohnstein