Vancouver Trip Part 1

Randy and I recently returned from an awesome work adventure to Vancouver. I did not bring back any good weather (it rained almost the whole time we were there), but I did bring back a cold to contaminate everyone with!

A snapshot from our Vancouver trolley travels

A snapshot from our Vancouver trolley travels

 We had the honour of receiving an invite by Natural Factors to view their manufacturing and testing facility, as well as to be present at a beautifully orchestrated event announcing a “surprise”. For those who know me, I do not like surprises when I know I am getting one (I IMDB every movie and read the synopsis before I watch it), so this was torture. 

 So, since I had to wait so long to get the news, I think I will make you guys wait until part 2 of the Vancouver blog post before I announce the big mystery surrounding our trip.

 I will however, fill you in on some of the other exciting events that took place in Vancouver. 

I didn't have any pictures of the plant on hand for this post, but I did have a picture of some cute penguins from the Vancouver Aquarium

I didn't have any pictures of the plant on hand for this post, but I did have a picture of some cute penguins from the Vancouver Aquarium


This was such a cool experience, and we are incredibly grateful to Natural Factors for allowing us this opportunity.  We were able to view how products are encapsulated or made into tablets, and then packaged and labeled. We also got to view the machinery used for their fruit extraction products (which is exclusive to Natural Factors and indicated by the name RICH on products using this method), and how they test the breakdown of their tablets and enteric-coated products. Natural Factors complies with regulations set by Canada, United States, and Australia.  

Natural Factors has a state of the art manufacturing and development facility. All raw materials are tested to ensure that they contain the active ingredients, but also, so that they do not contain any unwanted constituents such as heavy metals or other contaminants. It is also one of the only facilities to use mass spectrometry to evaluate the quality of their products.

 All in all, we can walk away stating that Natural Factors has incredibly high standards to ensure quality and efficacy of their product, and as a retailer that is incredibly comforting.


We were also welcomed to tour the PGX Center located near the manufacturing facility. This facility offers a completely free weight loss program headed by a PhD, with education, exercise programs, and a nutritionist that will show you how to prepare healthy tasty meals ALL FREE! How mind-blowing is this? And, I forgot to mention that you can get a DEXA SCAN there as well, which gives a much better indication of body composition, muscle to fat ratio, and bone density. I really am not doing this program any justice in a short blog post, but trust me: this was awesome. Visit their website for more information.

Brandi and I at her the pop-up store for Evelyn Iona. 

Brandi and I at her the pop-up store for Evelyn Iona. 


This is dear to my heart, as I have known Brandi Leifso, one of the founders of Evelyn Iona Cosmetics a number of years, and we are thrilled to support her cosmetic line here at Simply Health. Brandi, who also happens to be a makeup artist, designs these natural cosmetics and it is some of best natural makeup I have used. My favorites are the concealer, BB Cream, and gel eyeliner (once I figured out how to use the brush). Plus, when you purchase Evelyn Iona cosmetics, a portion of the sales goes towards the YWCA and other charitable events. If you would like to learn more about the Evelyn Iona Cosmetics please visit their website.


More to come on our Vancouver trip soon…I’m off for the day to kick this cold in the butt with some Natural Factors Oil of Oregano, Anti-Viral, and lots of vegetables.