Vancouver Trip Part 2

Last week I had wrote about some of the events that took place while Randy and I were in Vancouver, but I left out one very important detail: why we were there. And it wasn't just to hang out with the cuties below at the aquarium. 


I will tell you something about the natural health that you may not already know: the people in the industry do a fair amount of gossiping- if I am being honest, a LOT of gossiping. So, naturally, leading up to the event there was all kinds of speculations by sales reps, other stores, and staff as to what the big announcement would be. The anticipation was building, and it was driving me insane. It was likely driving Randy a little nuts too, but mostly because he was trapped with me for a 48-hour time frame making preposterous guesses as to what our big surprise was. Either way, while we waited we got to explore a bit of Vancouver, and I was able to see authentic Vancouver too, because it rained almost the whole time we were there!


 So here it is: Natural Factors is coming out with a new whole foods line of supplements!  This is exciting for a number of reasons:

1)    Consumers recognize the benefits of whole foods supplements, and it is advantageous to have a few options when it comes to selection of whole foods products

2)    Natural Factors is a large company, with the financial backing to sustain the expenses of a whole foods product line. As much as we LOVE to support small companies, a whole foods line is an expensive venture, and we have found in the past that many companies cut corners to save costs, and most often its in ways that may affect the integrity of the product.

3)    The line will be manufactured using the same processes that Natural Factors already has in place to ensure quality of the product.

4)    It is CLEARLY labeled as non-GMO and organic. This sounds like a silly thing to actually have its own number on a list for, but how many of you have stared at a bottle for way too long trying to figure out its criteria?

So that’s it, the BIG announcement. We are looking forward to having this on our shelves in the near future, and giving customers a bigger selection of whole foods supplements to choose from.

In other news, I thought I would share with you some funny bits from the weekend.

When the owner of Natural Factors was making his announcement it got really dark in the room and Paradise from Coldplay started playing. Randy mentioned to me later he thought that the announcement might have been that we got to see Coldplay (haha).

Finally, after all the suspense, it dawned on me that our most recent order sheet from Natural Factors had a big section on it that had  “NEW PRODUCT TBA” all over it. So, at some point, one of us should have clued in that the announcement was going to be related to new products. Good thing no one here is relied upon to solve crimes!

Have a good, safe weekend everyone!